Heavy Duty Multiplayer Mode Added to CoD: Ghosts

A new multiplayer mode called "Heavy Duty" is now available for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Those who own the FPS on any console (except Wii U) can update their game to get the mode for free. Additionally, the update brings a few bug fixes, balance changes, and other improvements.

Heavy Duty Mode is a fresh multiplayer playlist that offers a somewhat more stress-free firefight. In the mode, players will have increased health so the game becomes less about who shoots first and more about strategy. For those who want to give their input on their experience with the new playlist, Infinity Ward is looking to collect player feedback on the mode. Unfortunately, while Heavy Duty Mode is available for most consoles, there's been no word on when a Wii U version is coming.

In addition to Heavy Duty mode, the latest CoD: Ghosts patch added new loadouts to Infected Mode and gave five squad points to each soldier in the first five levels of progression.

Even though Heavy Duty is out, don't forget about the upcoming Double XP weekend happening between 12/27 at 10 AM PST through 12/30 at 10 AM PST.


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